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Q1.What is the process for getting a quotation?

A:Please provide us with drawings or samples for us. We also need you to send us your special requirements and quantity of products you need. We will have your quotation within 1 day.
Q2.What do we need to make customized Silicone Rubber products?
A:You need to provide drawings or samples for us. We will make customized mold according to your drawings or samples, and send samples by molds for you to confirm. After your confirmation, we will arrange the mass production.
Q3.How long will the custom parts take?
A:Once we receive the drawings or samples, the fastest 3 days will be need as we making mold and samples.
Q4.Are you a factory or a trade company?
A:We are a factory and we make every part! We have our own mold department, from design, mold making, samples testing, and mass production. We offer our customers the best!
Q5. Can you help design the part?
A:Absolutely! One of ETOL’s specialties is to help with the design of the part. We can design for our customers.
Q6.What material can we made in?
A:Rubber: NR, SBR, BR, IR, NBR, CR, IIR, EPDM, FPM, etc. all kinds of rubber will be made.
   Silicone: Insulation, Tear Resistance, High Temperature Resistant silicone etc. all kinds of silicone will be made.

We will allocate the material to meet the characteristics you need according to your requirements.
Q7.Can we manufacture in any every color?
A:We can make the products in any colors you want, such as yellow, red, orange, blue, gray, purple, brown, and white. Alternatively, you can just provide PANTONE color number or samples; we will make the precise color for you.
Q8.How long is the mold’s life time?
A:The entire mold made by ETOL has FREE maintenance service for a life-long time. If the lifespan of mold is over and it cannot be used anymore, we will remake the mold FREE.
Q9.How do we make the Quality Control?
A:With certificated by ISO9001 Quality Control System, Every process has Rigorous testing and inspection to ensure superior quality.
Q10. Are all the materials environmentally friendly?
A:Most of our products are exported to Europe and North America. All materials meet environmental standards ROHS. You can contact us to get the reports.
Q11. What format of drawings do we use?
A:In ETOL, We use software tools like CREO, AUTOCAD, MASTERCAM, etc. The general format of 3D and 2D is all welcome, such as STP, IGS, DWG, etc.
Q12.What are the applications of ETOL’s products?
A:ETOL specialist in manufacture variety of silicone rubber parts according to your requirements. No matter what field you come from, once you provide the drawings or samples, we can surely made the quality products that meet your need.
Q13.What about the tolerance and dimensional precision?
A:As for the dimensional precision in ETOL, all the products can be made in ±0.03mm tolerance.